What We Offer


An application for everyone:


You have seen apps that are built around businesses and those that are built for domestic purposes. We take pride in presenting one application that will fit all!

Yes, you got that right. With a simple change in the settings you can shift from one mode to another. And the best part is that you can handle more than one budget from a single device!

Isn’t that exciting?

For example, if you need to draw a personal budget concerning the personal account details that you spend on yourself and spouse or partner, you can set up an account and start using the application for it. Now, suppose you also want to budget your household expenses such as your grocer’s and the bakers and the other paraphernalia, you don’t need to set up another account. The application has a built in feature to keep adding as many budgeting sheets as you may like.

Score of budgeting types to choose from:

If you like your budget sheet simple and plain or if you like them with small icons or may be the headings in bold and the number figures in red? Yes, Anything? There are numerous budgeting sheets to choose from and you can also customize the sheet as and when you want them to.

You can even merge the budget sheets:

If you like to keep them separated or you would like to merge them for a holistic interpretation of your current financial status, the application supports that too. Merging of the budgets can give you the extra edge to plan for your future and also make plans for saving a wee bit for a rainy day.

Awesome features:

The application has super features as reminder buttons for payment dues and also a message on your phone when you have set up your account for automatic debit from your bank account and 2nd Home Equity Loan Alternatives - Mortgage 101 also a beep when you start exceeding your overspending limit.